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Fully Managed IT Services – Cole Technologies monitors, manages, supports, and secures all IT systems and users for a fixed and predictable monthly fee.

Co-Managed IT Services – We support internal IT as an extension of your team. This role includes patching, repetitive tasks, one-off services, and special projects. We handle the backend while in-house IT manages everything else.


IT Project Consulting

Compliance Services

Hosted compute and storage

VoIP Telephony Solutions

By leading with IT strategy and compliance guidance, Cole Technologies fills two major gaps in the IT provider industry. This expertise helps clients:

  • Save time, money, and increase profitability.
  • Reduce employee frustration and improve team morale.
  • Solidify defenses against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and legal exposure.
  • Lower cybersecurity and compliance risk

Core Services are fixed, baseline foundational resources included in every Fully Managed IT Service Level Agreement.

  • Managed Services Advisor – Your point of contact for all account details. This advisor is responsible for managing questions about IT services, invoices, and every piece of business enabling technology that supports decision making, collaboration, productivity, compliance, business continuity, security, and efficiency.
  • Client Management Tools – Professional Services Automation, Ticketing, CRM, Remote Management and Monitoring, Documentation, Communication, Notification, and Data Privacy.
  • Vendor Technical Assistance – We interact directly with your other technology vendors for incident remediation, opening tickets, escalating requests, or working to resolve incidents within your IT environment.
  • We will also answer basic questions about your environment or provide access to systems the vendor has requested when approved by the client, such as allocating IP addresses for a copier, a security camera vendor or allowing network traffic for a vendor’s service.
  • This assistance covers hardware manufacturers, software development firms, cloud service providers, ISPs, telecommunication brokers, printer and copier companies, and local couriers.
  • Procurement Services – Cole Technologies sources products exclusively from authorized channels and recommends business-class solutions. We also identify configuration options, ensure proper registration, manage licensing and warranties, and guarantee that all products are genuine.
    Network Management – Monitoring, Administration, Reporting, Domain Name, and SSL Certificate Management, Remote Incident Remediation, and On-site Incident Remediation.


Cole Technologies selectively partners with organizations that are ready to apply IT strategy to their business. 

Our solutions including managed services, cybersecurity, compliance, and data backup/recovery are fully managed and hosted by Cole Technologies. This means that you aren’t inadvertently spreading your sensitive data across dozens of other third party vendors.

Most of our clients experience a significant change in their IT environment within the first 3-6 months of onboarding. This is a direct result of our team’s dedication to serving our clients with the best IT solutions, products, and advisory services to fit their individual needs. We aren’t in a hurry to “rip and replace”, but want you to feel the difference from day one.

Cole Technologies is responsive by design. Each member of our team is fanatical about providing exceptional customer service and is incentivized to keep response times low. Further, we are very good at fixing IT problems correctly the first time, so in general we are available and ready to assist as needed.

This alignment allows clients to enjoy business optimizing technology that doesn’t require constant, reactive, emergency intervention – so they have more time to focus on growing their business.

We also give users direct access to our support portal so they can come directly to us when they have a need.

Frequently requested services can often be automated. For example, a password reset can be accomplished through a self-service portal. No need to open up a ticket for that.

We focus on operationally mature organizations in the following verticals:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Accounting firms
  • Defense contractors
  • Engineering firms
  • Hospitality (hotels, event centers, multi tenant facilities)
  • Education
  • Local and State government
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Our team is ready to support you and your IT needs. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, and we welcome the opportunity to chat about your needs. 

Less risk, better security – guaranteed.


We take the security of your business extremely seriously. So much that when you sign up for managed IT services, we guarantee an improvement in your measurable cybersecurity posture within the first 30 days of onboarding – or your money back.

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