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What is GLIDE?

Digital Transformation is a process in business that involves embedding technology deep into a business’s process to drive innovation and growth.  This is achieved through increased efficiencies, automation, and greater business agility. It translates into a better customer experience, higher profit margins, and lower operational risk. 

Start your Digital Transformation Journey

Did you know that Digital Transformation doesn't have to be painful or expensive? Many times, businesses already use great software and tools but lack the training or education to fully leverage them. Whether you need training, an IT transformation, or to implement greater automation - we're here to help you along your Digital Transformation journey.

It's included

Digital Transformation is a strategy, not a specific set of products or services. That's why we're able to include Digital Transformation consulting as an available service - included in all managed service plans.

Explore Digital Transformation

You’ll unlock hidden value during each step in your Digital Transformation journey.

Identify the opportunity

What does "digital" mean to you and your business?

Paths on your digital journey

Define how your company will go digital. It could be through automation, building a strong IT infrastructure, transforming operations and manufacturing, building digital ecosystems - the opportunities are endless.

Leverage your resources

Does your company have the resources and skill internally to take on these challenges? You may need to pull in outside resources for help from time to time.

Find partners

Cole Technologies is highly specialized and trained in Digital Transformations. Whether you include an outside partner or an internal expert - you'll need to solicit advice from those who are specialized.

Prepare your workforce

Digital Transformation is a big change. Your workforce will need to be aware of your long-term goals and how you're going to leverage Digital Transformation to get there.

Begin your transformation

I'm ready to start!

If you’re ready to start your Digital Transformation, we are here to help. You can engage with us in two ways – either through managed services (it’s included in them), or on a project basis. 

If you’re not sure where to start, mention Digital Transformation when you request a free consultation below. We’ll point you in the right direction.

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Our team is ready to support you and your IT needs. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, and we welcome the opportunity to chat about your needs.

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We take the security of your business extremely seriously. So much that when you sign up for managed IT services, we guarantee an improvement in your measurable cybersecurity posture within the first 30 days of onboarding – or your money back.

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